U of T is the Place

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Leadership in Research & Innovation

U of T is among the most influential universities in the world with exceptional research across a breadth of disciplines, and is an innovation and entrepreneurship powerhouse.

Engagement & Impact

Addressing societal issues by engaging with communities, organizations, and companies and maximizing the impact of U of T research by mobilizing it into society and facilitating its use.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

A commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is central to U of T’s public mission as well as its devotion to the pursuit of excellence.

Student Experience

Research intensity and breadth, entrepreneurship, and research-informed pedagogy enhances our educational mission and positions us as the top destination.

Serving the U of T Community

Enabling an environment that supports our researchers, scholars, and learners to do what they do best—advance understanding and apply new knowledge.

By the Numbers

The indicators speak for themselves: U of T is the place for researchers to lead, learn, engage, influence, deliver, have impact, and win. The VPRI is the place that empowers researchers to shine in a safe, fiscally responsible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.